How do I order tickets?

Over the Phone

To order your tickets by phone, simply call (866)977-6849 during our call center hours. One of our call center representatives will be happy to take your call and place your order over the phone.

Over the Web

*Select the "Buy Tickets" icon under the event you wish to purchase tickets for.
*Choose the number of tickets you wish to purchase and select "Continue".
*Type the sequence of numbers that appears on the screen. You do not need to enter any spaces between the numbers. Once you enter in the numbers select "Continue". If you enter the numbers incorrectly you will be given a new set of numbers to try again.
*Verify that your order is correct and select "Continue".
*At this point you can 1)cancel your order by selecting "Cancel Order & Exit", 2)add another event by selecting "Add Another Event" or 3)select "Continue" to complete your order.
*Enter in the billing information associated with the credit card that is being used. Incorrect information will result in a pending transaction on your account and an incomplete order.
*Select a Delivery Method. Depending on the Delivery Method you select you may have additional charges.
*Enter in your credit card information including the Card Validation Code.
*Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions of your purchase. Your purchase cannot be completed without agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
*Select "Continue" and your order is complete.

At an Outlet or Box Office

You can purchase tickets in person with both cash and credit at any of our Outlet locations. Click HERE for a full list of our Outlet locations. You can also purchase tickets in person at the Box Office. Some Box Offices will only be open the day of the show. Please call us at (866)9PROTIX for Box Office information.